Thursday, July 21, 2016

Molly the charmer

We are at a family reunion. I am speaking with one of my Dad's cousins, when Molly appears, and watches our conversation with interest.

'Hello!' the cousin says, and I introduce Molly.

'How old are you Molly?' She holds up three fingers.

'I have a granddaughter the same age as you then! Poppy is three.'

Molly looks up at her, confused by the term granddaughter. 'Is that a boy or a dog?'

* * *

We are at the Center Parcs pool. Six little girls from our family splash in the water, and Molly separates from the crowd to watch a baby playing with her mother. She leans down and starts smiling at the baby.

'Hello Baby!' she says, leaning a bit close, and not being at all careful about where she's splashing water.

I wander over and suggest she doesn't crowd the baby, who is happily ignoring Molly.

'What's it called?' Molly asks the mother.

'Freya' the woman says, 'she is called Freya.'

'That's a funny name' says Molly, and turns back to her group with a last little wave to the baby.

* * *

We are walking through Sherwood Forest, on our way to the big old oak we have heard so much about.

We see yet another dog, and as it comes close, Molly points. 'Look, that dog looks like a pig!'

'It's a dog called a pug Molly' I say, catching the owner's eye despite him desperately trying to pretend he didn't hear a thing. 'Isn't she sweet!'

'She's called Milly' the owner says, 'would you like to stroke her?'

'No thanks' Molly says, and continues on her way.

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