Thursday, February 18, 2016

Goat goes to playgroup

There are book phases just as much as food phases and behaviour phases. We are currently in the Goat goes to Playgroup phase.

Dog puts on a dress. Goat is in a mess

'Mummy?' Molly turns her face towards mine. Her large eyes convey the utter seriousness of what she about to tell me.

'Yes Molly'

'I sometimes get in a mess'.

Yes Molly.


Molly spots me across the playground and runs over.

I bend down to kiss her, then we get her bag, and walk out of nursery. Molly slips her hand into mine and I tell her we are going to pick her sister up, then Daddy, then go home for tea. The Wednesday schedule.

'I did cry for Daddy today' she tells me. 'Yes,' I nod, 'he said that you weren't having your nap when he picked Elsie up at lunchtime to take her to the Polish school. Did you not sleep at all today?'

'No' she says.

'But there was no need to cry. Daddy had to take Elsie to the Polish school and go back to work. You had to stay at school until I came to get you. It's always like that, but usually you are sleeping when Elsie leaves.'

'I know', she nods, happy now.

'Why didn't you sleep?'

'I wasn't behaving properly.'

'Really? Were you disturbing the others?'


'Did you scream and shout?' I try another guess.


'So what did you do?'

'I did put on my shoes and I did put on my coat and I went to play.'

Monday, February 8, 2016

the girls' holiday diary - the journey and day 1

We left our house in the middle of the night and when we woke up, there was a really colourful sky.


Then we drove, we parked the car and we were in Wroclaw! We saw little people with big hats. They are called Krasnoludki and there are lots of them in Wroclaw. We saw one holding a sunflower and two pushing a ball, trying to move it. They even have their own bank machine. 

One man was making bubbles. First we put money in a little box, then we played with the bubbles. Molly didn't pop the bubbles, she just looked at them. Other people popped them.

We drove for a long time, there were lots of cars and when we got to the mountains, it was dark.

When we woke up this morning, we saw the mountains out of the window. After breakfast we went to Zakopane. We went for a horse ride. The horse was called Eryk

After that we went in a special train up to the top of the mountain. We ate soup in the cafe and found some snow to climb on and throw at Daddy. Elsie threw two snowballs at Daddy.

While Molly slept, Elsie had her very first skiing lesson, with Andrzej. She had fun going on the snow and first Andrzej helped a lot, then Elsie could ski all by herself and Andrzej just helped when she fell over or went too quickly.