Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

Today I spent the whole day alone with my litle girl. I haven't done that since October, and in the days leading up to today we have had so many people around taking Elsie off for walks, preparing her food, reading to her, that I was actually a bit concerned about how I'd manage it. Being 38 weeks pregnant and running around with a two year old is not everyone's idea of a restful holiday.

I was totally unprepared for the fun we had. We made thank you cards with sticky glittery stars and photos. We rolled out pastry and used new Christmas cookie cutters to make little mince pie hearts and bells. We went out to the supermarket ('delHAIZE') and did the washing and unloaded the dishwasher - all the boring everyday things that are a tad more interesting when you have a little one shadowing you and pointing out the things you might miss ('Daddy t-shirt, WET!'). We had serious conversations ('Mummy tummy BIG!' 'Yes, because there's a baby inside it' 'babby, inside, [thoughtful nod] hmm'), listened to music ('ferge jagger, ferge jagger...') and read books. I noticed how chatty she's becoming; repeating new words she heard me say, bringing out her own.

I'm grateful for all the help we've been getting in recent days, and God knows we're going to need it in the near future. I'm happy to have such a wonderful hands-on husband, but especially in these days when we are still a family of three, I am incredibly grateful for the time I have alone with my amazing little Elsie.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Essie speak, an update

Amul is still the strangest word in her vocabulary. It means yoghurt and it is possible that it always will to her. When she's finished her supper after creche, Elsie invariably asks for an 'amul' - 'Essie Amul!' 'what do you say?' 'peeeeeeeease?' (this last all-important word said with a head tilt and besseching expression.) 'You'd like a yoghurt?' Strong head nod.

Slippers are piz-wizz and socks are choks (with the Scottish ch from loch). This might be because 'sok' in Polish is juice, and she recognises the need for diffferentitation between these two important objects in her life. On the other hand, it might of course just be an idea she's got in her head and is finding hard to shake.

Orange is 'oh-wince!' and banana is still missing the 'ba' but the rest of the fruit in our bowl she's got licked. Apple, pear, mango, are all present and correct. Even pineapple is nearly there (pie-apple!)

In this Christmas season Saint Nicholas is Ikowah and the experience when he visited the creche was so traumatic to her that it is usually accompanied by GONE! As in Ikowah GONE! coupled with a couple of affirmative head nods and a look of relief.

The best thing about this stage is how quickly things change. Apart from the few words she only learned approximately at an eary stage and then never bothered updating, new words are added to her vocabulary at such a speed it is stupifying. Elsie is doing a good job of labelling her world. We're the ones who expect her to have three labels for each object, so we can give her a break when she adds the odd extra sound here and there.