Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lying scoundrels

They all said it; the doctor, friends who have gone through the process, books, everyone. Enjoy the middle of pregnancy because as it gets towards the end, time drags. You are bigger, heavier, time slows down as you do and you get frustrated waiting for the birth itself. You are impatient to meet your baby, bored of your increasingly small and bland wardrobe, and tired of lugging the extra kilos around not to mention dealing with all the little inconveniences of late pregnancy.

Well, they lied. Sure, I'm excited that next month we should be meeting a new little creature that we brought into existence. Sure, my back aches and peeing every two hours is not on my list of fun ways to pass the time, but hell! I am still being thrust towards this life-changing event at a speed that makes me clutch my bump to me and hold out a hand to steady me with. This is not slowed down time, this is normal life speed that has me looking around with a dazed expression thinking 'what? 35 weeks? ALREADY? but that's just five weeks before my due date! I have so much to do before then...'

We celebrated a year of marriage last week and thinking back to that incredible weekend of sun and laughter, it seems like just a few weeks ago. Time does pass fast and it is useless fighting something you can't change. Even more reason for the world, please, to hold back from offering me such tempting promises as boredom only for me to discover it's just not true.