Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Elsie has taken the big white envelope I've already emptied and a black biro and is scribbling on the back.

'What are you drawing Elsie?' I ask, surprised by the unusual content of the scene she is creating.

'It's a prison!' she says brightly, adding bars to the windows.

'Who's in the prison?' I ask, noting the small window at the bottom, with a little stick figure just visible within.

'A bad man' she says. 'He wanted to make a big war. A war with the whole globe.'

'So now he's in prison?' Molly checks. 'Why is he on the roof?'

No, that's not the bad man!' Elsie says, laughing. 'That's the princess!' I recognise the standard long hair and big grin of Elsie's favourite subjects.

'What's a princess doing in the prison?' I ask.

'She's not in the prison, she's on the prison' Elsie explains. 'She's keeping an eye on things.'

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