Sunday, June 29, 2014

Elsie the wit

'Fankoo mummy' says Elsie quickly, not paying attention.

'THank you' I correct, exaggerating the amount of tongue between my teeth. 'Th, th, th' I repeat.

Elsie brings her lip under her top teeth. 'Fffffffff' she says. 'Fffffffank you.'

I try again. 'Stick your tongue out.' Elsie obliges. 'Now trap it between your teeth. Th, th, th...'

Elsie gives it a go, but once she starts to think about the word and not her tongue in a strange place in her mouth, her old habit creeps back. 'Fank you!'

'Try again Elsie, tongue between your teeth.' I encourage. She's done it before, why has she forgotten?

Elsie is bored with this exercise, and suddenly an idea strikes.

'Dziekuje!' she says brightly, her eyes shining with her brilliance.

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