Thursday, February 20, 2014

What's that? A being?

Elsie hands me the book, snuggles up and I start reading.

It's one of her bible stories for kids. We are looking at a picture of a group of people including Noah, who is about to start building the ark, on God's instruction. She stops me. 'Where's God?' I hesitate. 'God isn't one of those people. You can't see God.'


'Er, well Elsie. Some people believe that God is, er, well not a person, but a being...'

'What's that? A being?'

I am so ill prepared for this conversation. I try a different approach.

'Do they talk about God at your school? Do they talk about Dieu?'

Elsie thinks. 'It's like "Mon Dieu"!' She says. 'Yes' I nod, 'Mon Dieu means My God.'

'Mon Dieu!' she shouts, triumphantly. 'Tu ne peux pas faire ca !'

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