Thursday, March 28, 2013

boob baby og-utt

Would you like a yoghurt now Elsie? I ask, scooping up her empty plate. 'Yes!' she confirms, sliding down from her chair. 'Essie get!'

She runs to the fridge. opens it up, grabs a soya yoghurt and returns to her place. I pass her a spoon and take the top off the pot for her. 'Oh lovely' I say, 'a blueberry yoghurt.'

'Boobree og-utt!' she says.

'Yeh-yeh-yeh-yoghurt' I correct.

'yeh-yeh-yeh-og-utt!' she responds.

Leaving the og-utt aside for a moment, I concentrate on the blueberries. 'Blue-berry' I say.


"BLUE berry'

'Berloo berree'


'Boob baby'

'Blueberry yoghurt'

'Boob baby og-utt'

I give up.

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