Wednesday, July 6, 2011

defying the laws of physics

In Brussels shops and on the streets
The people point and stare
Oh Elsie, what are we to do
About your crazy hair?

It sticks straight up, no brush or breeze
Persuade it to lie flat
And you just smile out at the world
Despite being laughed at

It doesn't bother me at all
I think it's cute as hell
Your eyes and smile so beautiful
A punk with no hair gel

I just hope all that sniggering
Does not upset your mood
You're not defined by how you look
That pointing is just rude

Hold up your head, ignore them all
Keep your happy face
Be proud of it, that fuzzy crown
That takes up so much space

And if it starts a complex, chick
We'll all be here for you
With kisses, love and, if you want
Some shrink therapy too

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