Thursday, November 11, 2010


Elsie makes the cutest awhoo when she thinks she has to sneeze... and then doesn't. When she actually sneezes, both arms pop up so her fists are round her ears.

When upset or annoyed, Elsie starts crying, sticks out her bottom lip and stretches her body to its full length.

Elsie produces the loudest burps and farts I have ever heard. Ever.

If she gets really pissed off, Elsie turns purple and screams. She puts so much effort into it that she builds up to a point where she seems to take a moment too long to catch her breath and scares those around her. She always takes another breath, and  is usually so worn out by the screaming that she soon goes to sleep.

Elsie has long fingers, a cute button nose and big grey-blue eyes.

Elsie took over three weeks to learn how to breastfeed. When she feeds she squeaks. And on occasion glugs the milk as if from a bottle.

Elsie was born with a head of dark hair that grows sideways at the back, like her mum's.

Elsie's great grandmother was an Elsie too. But everyone knew her as Nan.

Elsie has held her head up almost from the beginning and has an amazing strength in her arms and legs.

Elsie was 4.65kg when she was born but lost so much weight over the first week that it took her a month to get back to her birth weight.

Elsie went to the osteopath three times in her first month of life.

Although they say it must be wind, Elsie smiles at us and means it.

Elsie is the most beautiful baby in the world. Fact.

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