Sunday, May 9, 2010

20 weeks down, 20 to go

'Can you feel it yet? Can you feel it moving?'

For the past couple of weeks this has been the question on everyone's lips. The answer at first was 'no, it's a bit early yet' followed by 'no! it's so annoying!' and then 'I don't think so...'

Mum says it feels like a funny swooshing kind of movement, and the doc tells me he's heard it's a bit like butterflies fluttering around. Other women have continuously told me 'bubbles! it's like bubbles in there.'

The thing is when I think of bubbles, I think of clusters of small airy bubbles, dancing about, floating in the breeze. I don't think of big gassy bubbles slowly seeping up through thick layers of mud, suddenly popping at the top and splattering drops of gloopy ooze all around. Which, to be honest, is more like the kind of thing I'm feeling in there.

We saw three magpies in the park today. Ten days and we'll know if they were right... or maybe the scan will just confirm that my increasingly prominent bump is simply full of thick gassy mud...


  1. hmm... I get that feeling after drinking Leffe!
    (good luck with the scan - how exciting!)

  2. aw! I didn't really know I felt him move until around 20-22 weeks... Everyone was asking from 15 weeks on and it frustrated me because I didn't know if I was feeling movement or not! Looking back, I think I felt the 'butterflies' around 17-18 weeks but I couldn't identify them at the time!
    You'll know when it's him or her and it'll be really neat!
    Take care! Hope you're feeling good and that everything is going well!

  3. For me it felt fluttery/swooshy like when kicking autumn leaves in the park.

    Then it felt like a woodpecker.

    Then it felt like a little person doing star jumps.

    Towards the end I was convinced that Kazio had a horse and lasoo in there with him.

    Feeling the first movements is magical and seeing your belly moving around as the baby kicks is amazing.

    Today is the 19th so I guess being 10 days after your last post you now know. Do tell!