Saturday, March 27, 2010

psychic or crazy...

As we neared the shop door, I noticed the woman coming towards us, leaning heavily on her crutch as she approached. I pushed open the door and she spoke: 'I was here first, you sped up, just because I can't walk fast...' my jaw dropped and I held the door open for her.

'Just joking!' she laughed, 'it was just a joke. Your face was a picture.' I smiled, bemused.

I moved into the shop and waited for Marek to choose his beer.

'You believe everything everyone says?' she asked, from across the shop floor. But before I had a chance to answer, she pose her next question. 'What star sign are you?'

'Scorpio' I answered, an eyebrow raised, fascinated by this strange woman.

She fixed her eye on me. 'Now that's surprising. I wouldn't have guessed that.'

'Really?' I smiled.

'Maybe you were just not expecting a joke. Maybe your mind was elsewhere.' I moved towards Marek and asked if he was almost done.

'Aha!' she cried, handing over her money to the shopkeeper and picking up her shopping. 'I know why, you're in love!'

'Got it in one.' I smiled at her again. I couldn't figure out whether this conversation was a result of drink, drugs or just plain old personality.

'What star sign's he?' she asked, pointing at Marek. When I told her virgo, he fixed me with another intent stare.

'Keep hold of him. He's for life.'

I laughed. 'Just as well, he's my husband.'

'You're married?!' she asked. Clearly another thing she hadn't expected. 'Well, don't listen to your friends, hold on to him. He's for life.'

She moved towards the door and a man held it open for her. Then another thought struck. 'You have any kids?' the man sighed, and slid past her to get out.

'Not yet' I said.

'Well, get ready, they're on their way' she said, a twinkle in her eye.

'September' I confirmed, patting my rounded belly.

'Ah, you see. I could feel it!'

Yes, she certainly has a talent.

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